What do we provide?

An end-to-end encrypted email and data service. Using “two and three factor authentication’ for specific customers’ requirements. Our solution is a headless one, where our servers relocate daily. All data is encrypted and spliced into tiny fragments across multiple countries. No one country holds useable fragments of data. If there is an unstable government or subpoena issued, only a tiny piece of encrypted data exists and we move the location in an instant without disruption. Using our own technologies and techniques all metadata is stripped from emails.
  • Security comes first amongst everything
  • Unique offshore splintered data solution
  • All Metadata stripped bare using our technologies and techniques
  • A system that is designed by Security Experts and hackers
  • A secure system that we would use for our own data
  • A system that is security tested around the clock by penetration testers.
  • End to End Encryption of email and data
  • Multi vendor Defence in Depth
  • Security Cleared Staff
  • HSM and PKI Key Management
  • Off U.S soil or Ally soil
  • DDOS Protection and no Public Access

Video on how it works: