July 23rd 2014

Carbyne Fiber Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Support September Product Launch Click here for details

August 1st 2014

Carbyne Fiber releases Cloud Break Hacking Video Episode 1: TRAPPED IN THE SKY….

This first episode demonstrates the dangers of cloud hosting. We show how easy it is to ‘own’ cloud computing. It doesn’t matter who the provider, we have a video for every occasion. This is the first of many videos showing how to own a Cloud.  “It’s easy to rob the bank when you work for the bank. Cloud computing is no different”.

The basic concept is multifaceted in that the ‘cloud’ is a relatively new technology that has gained popularity faster than its implications; Faster than the security controls in place have been fully reviewed and faster than the cost of cloud data breach has been realised.

The video begins of with a cynical look at the public’s inherent trust in the cloud, followed by it’s concerns in security. Then comes a view of hacker use of cloud assets followed by the dramatic increase in cost of cloud data breach over that of a physical server farm breach. After that it depicts a managed services scenario showing that strong security controls in place are not enough to keep the bad guys out.