A ‘two factor’, end-to-end encrypted email and data solution. Using encrypted splintering techniques using a combination of a private Bittorent and network RAID, developed and mastered for past 10 years. The data is spread out over multiple worldwide locations never resting in one jurisdiction. The inventors are Security Experts and Professional hackers with over 20 years’ experience each. The experts are the owners.


The company’s name originates from ‘Carbyne’ the strongest substance on earth and the fiber represents optical fibre.
The company’s logo represents the ‘PRISM program’. Hydra is a Greek mythical creature with multiple heads, if one is cut off another grows back in its place. Carbyne Fiber’s unique security design ensures there is no one encrypted data location. If one geographic site is subpoenaed or shutdown it grows back instantly in another location around the world.


We are a group of Penetration testing companies and security experts who design secure systems around the world and attempt to break into others. Yes, we designed systems with government taps. Why are we doing this? Edward Snowden and Julian Assange had the courage to risk their liberty to come out into the public and release information about the American Government’s ‘PRISM program’ and other snooping methods. It is in their legacy we built a robust system, with end-to-end encryption, not just off U.S shore but scattered around the world in tiny encrypted dedicated block fragments. We have studied and used the Hushmails, Lavabits solutions and others like it in the U.S, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden which we applaud. But we got together as a united group and said “Where would we store our data?”
The astounding answer was a computer without a network card sitting in the middle of a locked room.
We knew then it was time to build an online solution, with our expertise, defence in-depth, government experience and internal telecommunications knowledge.


We have built an end-to-end encrypted email and data ‘two factor’, splintered around the world solution. No encrypted data rests ever in the one jurisdiction. Instead, it sits encrypted and fragmented around the world and immune from government interference. Using techniques mastered over the past 10 years writing fragmented encrypted data simultaneously to over 10 secure locations under our control around the world, never in the one location. When you access your encrypted data it’s a bit like a private bittorent – your data is pieced backed together and presented back to you. If a geo-location is unstable we simply move it without disruption and without all your encrypted data falling into anyone’s hands. Even when the data is put back together and presented back to you, the location head site rotates, to ensure no central country weak spot.